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In order to chose the right IT Solution you would first need to determine what you actually want and need from your IT Infrastructure.
It is not uncommon finding very small ventures being sold disproportionately large IT Solutions.
The contracts in this kind of situations are not really made with a fair client-provider relationship in mind. Clients are often deliberately misled into thinking that the more expensive option is the only IT Solution able to satisfy their needs.
We prefer to deliver a type of service which doesn't constitute an unnecessary drain on your resources, but it helps and contributes to your company stability and growth.
Your business growth should be the factor determining and justifying the need for an IT Solution upgrade, not someone's good sales pitch.
From an IT point of view, we are the factor offering you an advantage over the rest of your competition and we will contribute actively in a long term business relationship to your success.

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IT Solutions

IT Solutions for Small Businesses


Small Businesses start with a handful of people.
Most intend to grow not only their turnover but also the team. It is ideal that the startup infrastructure for such a business to be upgradeable and, as much as possible, portable or easy to relocate as most small businesses tend to need to move to bigger premises as they grow. At this stage moving their IT equipment it is preferable and less costly than having everything rebuilt every time they relocate. On Site Servers are not a must at this stage especially in groups of less than 10 users. Read more.

IT Solutions for Medium Size Businesses


At this level Businesses require more complex systems and equipment. Servers become a must for regulating access, ensuring efficient communication and sharing of the resources. In this case the most common two options are the upgrade of an existing infrastructure to meet more complex and higher demand or a complete new deployment. The second option is mostly required in case of severely outdated infrastructure where an upgrade would cost more than a new deployment or in case of relocation where removing, moving and redeploying all the infrastructure would cost more than simply deploying a new one. In many cases the infrastructure on the old location, with the help of competent IT Admins, can be sold and adapted for the use of the new business moving in. Read more.

IT Solutions for Large Businesses


Nowadays Medium Size Businesses usually have a quality hardware infrastructure which can always be upgraded to meet the needs they'd require as they grow into a larger business.
We can however take on the task of designing, deploying and administrating from scratch a brand new large scale infrastructure to cover every aspect of your business. Also, should you only need the last two stages - deployment & administration - we will happily attend to that part for you. Read more.

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