IT Services


An important step needed in order to provide the most suitable solution is the analysis of your particular circumstances. The initial analysis provides an accurate report on your existing infrastructure (servers, workstations, routers, firewalls, hubs, cabling, and all intranet/internet devices). It is from this stage when we can have a clear idea how to optimise your entire structure being it in order to maximise its potential or to resolve existing issues. When required we can build from scratch the entire infrastructure or just the needed branches, upgrade any existing ones, support and/or maintain them as advised.


Network Infrastructure Design

A properly designed, managed and serviced systems and network solution will take IT matters out of your mind and will allow you to get on with your business. Deployment, Maintenance and Support can be carried out taking in consideration your current work schedule in order to ensure minimal impact on end users, making the process unobtrusive.
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Instant Support

For existing clients the support path is quite clear.
For the new ones, after auditing their case, a solution is suggested and implemented.
The support will then follow as agreed with each new client. You can have an on-site visit if needed or we can provide immediate support by allowing access to our helpdesk. Many issues can be resolved without the need for an on-site visit. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money.


This is the best way to make sure that the money you have spent don't end up wasted on equipment degrading all the way to a disaster.

Without proper maintenance your software doesn't get updated to the new releases, latest bug fixes or enhancements and you are open to all the security threats appearing almost on daily bases.
For small, medium and large businesses maintenance contracts are agreed on after a thorough analysis of each company's circumstances.
For home users, subscription based IT Services can be obtained should they prefer not to spend time trying to prevent their computers from reaching performance degradation and complete system failure.
In both situations it is always less costly to act before lack of attention and neglect leads to the more expensive stage of disaster and data recovery.
The first step is contacting us and we will make the process flow easily and clearly.

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IT Services & Support.

  • Hardware/Software
  • Networks - Internet/Intranet - WAN/LAN
  • Operating Systems & major applications - Installation & Configuration
  • Restoration/Reinstallation, Data & System Recovery
  • Workstations & Servers
  • On-Site/Remote Live Support
  • VOIP / internet based telephony
  • Management/administration
  • Contracts & Pay As You Go

  • The Hardware and Software is evolving continuously, its complexity increasing with every new upgrade.
    Leaving the IT side of your business run on its own without proper management is certain recipe for disaster.
    Trying to manage this with your own resources can be very time consuming and expensive.
    It is more appropriate to let someone else deal with it, someone whose task is being on the top of everything IT-wise.
    You will then have the needed time and resources to be on the top of your own field.