Customised systems

While you may very likely find a lot of good suppliers for your hardware needs on this always growing market, you will at a point need features you cannot easily get from the high street computer store or the popular online manufacturers. You don't need to learn a long list of unfriendly IT related terms in order to get what you want. All you do is specify the tasks your system would have to excel at and we will turn that into reality.


Simple, Clear Terms

You are reading this because you want to understand a few things in order to satisfy a very clear IT need. What would be the point in filling your head with a long list of acronyms or terms which mean nothing to you?
You would need to send an IT person to see it and, with him, you would already be in the possession of a solution.


Bespoke Physical and Virtual Servers

You may require a server for very CPU intensive tasks, in which case you would probably want a dedicated physical server to handle all that workload. Very many times though you will need more than just one server each one for small separated tasks. Virtualisation is one way to get what you need often at a near fraction of the cost. Used properly, combinations of customised systems can get you fantastic results. Since this process requires a lot of information on the purpose of the servers you will have to contact us and provide more specifics.

A few examples

1. 3D rendering for graphic developers.
You can buy a ready built or slightly customised system online or in a Computer Store.
However this will be far from a properly liquid cooled multiprocessor & multicore system, with a proper graphic card, memory above the usually offered 3-4GB, 64Bit and multithreading capable or whatever other custom request you may want to ad.
Obviously you would already know this as a graphic animator/developer.

2. Intensive data processing systems.
You can buy a ready built or slightly customised system.
That one will never be a match for a multi CPU & multicore system.

3. Multimedia & Entertainment.
You can buy a ready built or slightly customised system.
You would only do this the first time and if you are happy with limited options.
Customisation can touch and alter every single aspect of a system getting it really close to what you really want it to be.

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Instant Support

Most don't have time to queue up with their PC to in-store experts, and then be without it for several days. Some can't even afford to wait until a technician arrives on site to deal with a problem. Now Technical Support can be delivered securely when needed, anywhere in the world.
Consumers can simply ask for a secure remote link via their broadband connection and the technicians will instantly start working on the problems with the same efficiency as being on site without depriving the user of his computer. Existing and in many situations even new clients can take advantage of this worldwide cover service and save a lot of their precious time.
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