Your Virtual Techie


Most don't have time to queue up with their PC to in-store experts, and then be without it for several days. Some can't even afford to wait until a technician arrives on site to deal with a problem. Now Technical Support can be delivered securely when needed, anywhere in the world.
Consumers can simply ask for a secure remote link via their broadband connection and the technicians will instantly start working on the problems with the same efficiency as being on site without depriving the user of his computer. Existing and in many situations even new clients can take advantage of this worldwide cover service and save a lot of their precious time.

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Outsourced IT - A Virtual IT Department

The best solution for businesses looking to have full time cover without the Human Resources headaches.


The high cost of training, equipping and running an in-house IT Department, makes the use of external resources the preferred approach when it comes to dealing with a company's IT needs.
Our Virtual IT Department has the ability to manage larger and expanding infrastructures and a great response time to support requests, making it the ideal solution for companies planning growth.

Most work is done remotely, on site presence being needed only for the hardware related matters or on clients' specific request.
No extra office space, desks and workstations will be needed for you in order to have an efficient IT Solution in place.
Unobtrusive Helpdesk and IT technicians manage and service your entire infrastructure while you no longer need to occupy your mind with IT.
You gain access to a wide range of IT resources: Infrastructure Architecture, Engineering, Administration, Servicing & Support, Development, Security.
There are so many available and they are one simple click away.