Networks Increase Business Efficiency


Having your business run on standalone computers is like using a retro-office, fitted only with several typewriters and filing cabinets and maybe one phone line/extension for the whole operation.
The boom the entire civilised world has experienced in the last 50-60 years has not been achieved by sticking with the antiquated way of doing business during the last century.
Networking your individual computers in one proper infrastructure is what makes your business be run by a properly organised team rather than an "out of synch" bunch of individuals unable to communicate with each other for an optimum business performance.

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Networks / Infrastructures

Small Infrastructures


A common configuration in Small Businesses mostly based on up to 20 Workstations and, at times, a Server.
It includes Network Switches, Wireless Access Points, Routers with built in firewalls and Modems.
Given the lower setup & running costs, very many new Small Businesses find more convenient to have their telephony switched to a VOIP central and have everything setup via a standard charge analogue or cable line.

Medium Infrastructures


It is hard to draw a defining line between a small and medium infrastructure. Most companies start small and grow into a Medium Size Business.
Their infrastructure is usually enlarged gradually following the growth in number of users and need for more Workstations, Servers and functionality. The most common circumstances when they require an entire infrastructure built from scratch is when they relocate in order to accommodate their growing business.

Large Infrastructures


When a business has 120 systems or more, even if they still don't call themselves a Large Business, the Infrastructure will however have to advance to a higher level of complexity and larger scale.
A lot more Network equipment and Multiple Servers with more functions are needed. Permanent In-House or Outsourced IT Admins with an increased focus on Security, Resource Sharing, Communications and Databases become a necessity.

Every business environment has its own needs when it comes to IT.
It is simply good practice to get the right Solution for your circumstances and not being missold something which either doesn't live up to your expectations or something which is way more than what you need.
Let us help you make the right choice from the start.