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IT Support for Businesses and Home Users.

We are a London based team of IT engineers with more than 10 years of wide field experience, covering a broad range of IT Services ranging from IT Consultancy, IT Infrastructure Design, Deployment & Administration, Networks, Servers & Systems Maintenance to Data Recovery, IT Security and even basic Computer Repairs.
No agencies are mediating our client agreements therefore none of their usually imposed charges are ever being passed to you. You will be surprised about the impartiality with which our advice and support is provided. More on IT Services

Never ageing systems

Business Solutions

Out of date?

A well known fact about computers is that, after you have bought them, you will be struggling trying to keep up to date both the hardware and software. Accompanied by excellent IT Support, regardless of the applications you are running, G Guild's upgrading and maintenance services will keep your entire infrastructure on top indefinitely. More on Hardware

Optimised Networks

Business Network Infrastructure

Sluggish networks?

There are several factors which can influence a network's performance. Equipment configuration, cabling, operating system and software configuration are just a few of them. At times you experience difficulties accessing data or other shared resources. The solution is only one phone call away. More on Networks


Innovative IT Consultancy for Businesses

Cave age IT approach?

New technology allows better ways to approach IT matters.
Faster IT solutions are issued and acted on resulting in a less costly and less time consuming approach to every aspect you may encounter. IT Support includes so many more aspects nowadays and can be provided in more ways than what most users are aware of. It is surprising however how many are still stuck in the past at their own loss. Browse further through our site for more info or if you prefer to get straight to the point, pick up the phone and call us. See this page if you want to know more on IT Support London.

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Instant IT Support

Most don't have time to queue up with their computer to in-store experts, and then be without it for several days. Some can't even afford to hold until a technician arrives on site to deal with a problem. Now IT Support can be delivered securely when needed, anywhere in the world.
Consumers can simply ask for a secure remote link via their broadband connection and the technicians will instantly start working on the problems with the same efficiency as being on site without depriving the user of his computer. Existing and, even new clients can take advantage of this worldwide service and save a lot of their precious time.
Remote IT Support

IT Security

If you are not sure that your Network Infrastructure (and everything on it - Servers, Workstations, Data, etc) is secure, you may want to take this opportunity to contact us. Ignoring the importance of this aspect could wreck your business. Start by imagining how you would be affected if your databases and emails would be almost publicly available. Be safe! Call IT Support now!